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At Passenger we embrace Escapism — a constant desire to get off grid, wander, connect with people and nature. These elements have been at the heart of Passenger from the beginning.

Our ethos is very simple. We aim to share what we as a team are passionate about and unite like-minded people through a sense of community. There are so many people that endure the rat race everyday, but like us, are constantly seeking adventure and the freedom that can bring. We want to inspire people to find their own paths, push their boundaries and embrace their own journey whatever that might be. In our clothing, we pay attention to the smallest details and design them to transport us from the daily grinds but still usable for everyday life. Stories of escapism are woven into the fabric of our products and each design tells a different one, the smell of a campfire on a beanie or the sweat-stain on a favourite t-shirt. We design all our products with this in mind, hoping that another story will be made with each one.

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