20% off Botivo

A truly sophisticated non-alcoholic drink that’ll make Dry January much easier!

Botivo is a British hand-crafted non-alcoholic aperitif made using real ingredients, without the use of flavourings or preservatives. In the absence of alcohol, they use British apple cider vinegar and single source honey to extract the flavours of rosemary, thyme, gentian, wormwood and orange zest. 

The production of the aperitif takes both knowledge and time. Like a wine, the makers are dealing with natural ingredients, fruits, botanicals and honey, whose flavour notes and undercurrents can fluctuate with the weather, quirks of pollination, soil and many other unique variables.

We served this at our inaugural Kip Experience and it was a real hit, with both non drinkers and drinkers wanting a refresher between wines.

  • Valid until 31st January 2022.