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Leapfrog Remedies is the first Lactoferrin brand in the UK. Launched in September 2020, it was a three-year collaboration between scientists, nutritionists and wellness experts to create the debut product, Leapfrog IMMUNE. Lactoferrin is a protein that works within you as a vital part of your immune system. Your body naturally produces Lactoferrin every day to neutralise or suppress viruses and bacteria as they appear. When we’re stressed or run-down our innate lactoferrin may be depleted faster than it is restored, leaving us vulnerable. This is when Leapfrog jumps in. Leapfrog IMMUNE is a delicious citrus-flavoured chewable tablet with 250mg natural Lactoferrin, plus the antiviral heroes zinc and vitamin C. Leapfrog’s lactoferrin comes from milk produced by French cows on family farms, before it’s pressed into a tablet in the UK. Leapfrog’s latest natural-actives product LEAPFROG SNOOZE supports the central nervous system and is a clever combination of Lactoferrin, Vitamin B6 and Lactium which promises to reduce cortisol levels, decrease anxiety and stress and aid a restful night’s sleep. 

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