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This innovative brand’s mission is to help people discover the remarkable powers of CBD, through everything from stress-relieving pillow spray to delicious CBD cocktail mixers.

OTO was born out of a personal desire to share the wonder of CBD with as many people as possible, through luxurious skincare, sleep, drinks and wellness products. Meaning ‘sound’ in Japanese, OTO represents the space between sound and silence, with products to help you ‘Find Your Space’ in this busy world.

OTO was founded by husband and wife team, Gemma Colao and James Bagley, who set up California’s first legal online dispensary. Gemma first discovered the power of CBD whilst working in the fast-paced fashion industry as a way to manage her own anxiety and hormonal acne. Upon returning to the UK, Gemma and James teamed up with world-leading scientists and designers to create OTO; their aim is to redefine the UK’s CBD sector with their sophisticated products.

Each of OTO’s products are centred around the brand’s 3-pillar philosophy of Focus, Amplify and Balance, with the intention of bringing presence and calm to every moment of the day; whilst their ‘OTO Strength’ guarantee ensures each of their products deliver the recommended daily dose of 40-60mg of CBD.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid on online purchases until January 31st 2022.