20% off Beards & Daisies

If you love plants, you’ve come to the right place…Beards & Daisies are fanatical about plants and take great pride in the fact that your plants have not only been packaged by humans, but by their in-house team of plant lovers who have carefully prepared your order. In fact, your lucky plant will have started its journey to you in the Plant Spa and Plant Hotel, being treated to perfect growing conditions and soothing music, before being lovingly packed and shipped off to its new home.

Beards and Daisies are proudly The Plant Folk and have the largest collection of indoor houseplants in the UK, ready to deliver to your door (the very next day, too, if you’d like?). Whether you’re taking your first steps into Plant Parenthood, or have seasoned green fingers, they’ll have the perfect plant for you.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Valid on all purchases until 30 June 2021