A slower story.

As the co-owner of a fledgling start-up and mother of twin 3-year-olds, finding time to connect with and enjoy the people in my life, and doing the things that matter to me, can be a real challenge. But I’m really lucky that work often doesn’t feel like work at all because I completely love what I do. Thinking about travel relaxes me and I get a real kick out of discovering new places and hatching plans to explore them.

From how to get there, where to stay, and what to do when we’re there… everything down to what snacks I’d pack for the journey! I just love the whole process. When I’ve had a stressful morning or need a bit of a break, my tonic is a mental escape to a place I’ve not yet been. 

But so often my trips aren’t quite like the dream I’d envisaged.

I’m guilty of taking my work with me, being distracted by emails and the odd conference call to try and prove I’m on top of everything (and not a slacker!), or just to avoid the mountain of work I’d be coming back to if I didn’t. Even if I do manage to leave it behind, I’m sometimes so focused on ticking off all the amazing things I’ve researched that I come home feeling more exhausted than when I left. 

So, I’ve decided to try and do things a little differently on our next trip. Try slowing down to enjoy the moment and embrace the here and now. Let someone else do the planning (I think this will be the toughest part) and just genuinely be OK with doing less and taking the time to enjoy what I do do a little more. 

I’m going to take a camera with me so I can switch off my phone completely. Or, at the very least, delete all social media and messaging apps off my phone for the trip. I’ll take a book I’ve been meaning to read for ages. Plan just one activity a day and leave the rest to flow spontaneously. Spend lazy mornings in PJs, reading, drinking coffee and listening to music. Go for long walks and take the time to really appreciate my surroundings and the people I’m with. 

After all, this is what Kip is all about, so I need to practise it a bit more myself. Sounds pretty good, right?  I’ll let you know if I manage to pull it off!

Sarah x

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