Going off-grid.

Going off-grid means different things to different people. It’s a phrase often used to reference somewhere remote and wild, where you’re unlikely to get mobile reception. To purists, though, being off-grid is literally not being connected to mains electricity. You have to rely on solar power or making a fire to heat water, and can only light the night with candles.

Kip freelancer Emily Preece recently went to review our Quirky Sussex Carriage for the weekend. This kooky romantic eco-cabin is off-grid in both senses of the world. It sits on the edge of Ashdown Forest, without a neighbour in sight, and there’s no mobile reception, WiFi or electricity. Here’s how she found being totally disconnected from the world…

Quirky Sussex Carriage - setting

“To be honest, I arrived anxious, not quite knowing what to expect from being off-grid. It didn’t help that it was dark, and POURING with rain, but owner Tim was so welcoming, and the carriage itself was beautiful. He’d lit the logburner and candles for our arrival, so it was super-cosy, and I loved the boho decor. We drank the Prosecco (our Kip gift) and started to relax.

Quirky Sussex Carriage - cosy interior

The bathroom was outdoors – which again daunted us before we arrived – but actually, with an umbrella and torch, we were able to laugh at the adventure of nipping to the loo – and the toilet itself was pretty luxe (thank God!).

Quirky Sussex Carriage - compost toilet
Compost toilet
Quirky Sussex Carriage - detail
Cosy touches

The next morning – rainstorm over – we quickly found a joy in being so self sufficient.¬†We poured our hearts into starting fires for hot alfresco showers (there’s a bath, too), and cooking a slap-up breakfast. Then we went on a long countyside walk before coming home to light the log burner, open wine and listen to music.

Quirky Sussex Carriage - alfresco bath
Wood-fired bath

Initially giving up the ease of electricity (and our phones) was daunting, particularly in winter, but in fact the adventure of it all – and the idyllic setting – was just what we needed to reconnect with each other. We honestly felt like we were the only two people in the world.

Quirky Sussex Carriage - rowing boat
Setting: private lake and rowing boat

If, like me, you live in a city, going off-grid is the perfect antidote to urban stress. It forces you to slow down and simplify. Just what we all need, really.”

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Quirky Sussex Carriage - detail
Drinking water
Quirky Sussex Carriage - wood-fired oven
Wood-fired oven