New prices, better Kip.

As of Friday 22nd January, we’re increasing our fees to £14 for annual membership or £2.99 for a rolling monthly membership. 

But we’ve frozen prices for current Kip members until 2022.*

There are a few reasons why we’re doing this, and we wanted to be transparent and share these with you, rather than just sneakily whacking the price up (we’re looking at you, car-insurance firms). 

  1. Our offering has massively expanded over the last year: we now work with 100 beautiful hideaways, and our collection is growing every month, including exclusive properties you won’t find elsewhere.
  2. We’ve really grown membership benefits: our all-new Kip Kitchen, exclusive discounts on stays, more monthly promos with our favourite brands, and a Kip gift at most of our properties. Plus we plant a tree for each annual membership bought; we’ve planted over 8,000 now, which makes us really happy.
  3. Unlike other travel sites, who charge their owners (or owners and users) big commissions on each booking, our only sources of income are membership fees. We’ve grown a lot over the past year and running costs have increased.
  4. We’ll be bringing you so much more during 2021! More new hideaways, more member perks, our new Guides, and an incredible 30% discount on 2021 bookings (watch this space).
  5. We’re also working behind the scenes to bring you some magical hideaways that aren’t even built yet. 

Being a member of Kip is all about supporting grass-roots UK travel. We work in partnership with independent, owner-run businesses to make sure your holidays are really personal, memorable experiences.
Small places with soul. 

Liz and Sarah x

*If you’re a current member you will be charged £10 for an annual subscription or £1.99 monthly for all membership renewals until the 1st January 2022. After that you will be charged £14/annual or £2.99 monthly. So you’ll get another year at the same old price.