Rewilding the British countryside.

Guest post by Ellea, co-founder of 100 Acres.

Hello! I’m Ellea. 100 Acres is a British botanical bath & body brand, and (as our name suggests), we’re all about capturing a hundred wild acres of green, luscious, rolling British countryside — in a bottle. Much like Kip, we adore the British countryside, and this is a (virtual) love letter to tell you about the wonders of rewilding. We hope it will inspire you to throw your wellies into the car at the next available opportunity and escape somewhere vast, green and Kip-like.

The British countryside is one of the most magical places in the world — in summer, especially. One of our favourite tips for soaking up every inch of its beauty (whether you live there, or are on a Kip escape) is going outdoors the second you wake up. Don’t get me wrong — we love a lazy morning, but even better? A lazy morning outdoors, on a sunny day. Roll straight out of bed, and then — slippers, pyjamas, coffee and croissant in tow — see the sun start to flood across the grass. Watch flowers start to unfurl in the light, and smell the sweet scents of the foliage, fruits and trees start to infuse into the warming sunlit air. Whether you’re here for 15 minutes or 2 hours, you’ll feel content, alive and grounded for the day ahead. Sometimes, we pick a few flowers and herbs while we’re there, to sprinkle in our bath that evening. Pure 100 Acres magic. Our lazy morning spot of choice? Hinton Hideaways.

But we can’t escape to the countryside if it’s no longer there. We’ve lost 97% of our wildflower meadows since the 1930s, which is having a devastating knock-on effect on our pollinators and native plant and animal species. If we continue this way, our countryside simply won’t be around in the same way in 2 or 3 generations’ time. But there is hope. We can all help by rewilding. 

Rewilding Britain is the most incredible charity, tirelessly striving to achieve their goal of Britain being 30% rewilded by 2030. We’re incredibly proud to support them at 100 Acres and donate a percentage of our sales revenue to the cause. But what our countryside really needs is a little help from the many. Whether you’d prefer to donate, fundraise or even just scatter UK native wildflower seeds in your garden (not least so that you can admire them during your outdoor morning coffee), these small, easy things have a huge impact when we all work together.

And if we protect our glorious countryside, we’ll all be able to escape to it for many years to come. We’ll still be able to bathe in our favourite wild-swimming spots, picnic in overgrown meadows and lounge around all weekend in a luscious green garden oasis. And on days when you’re not able to be in the countryside, and are daydreaming at your desk instead, you can always conjure up images of the outdoors with our 100 Acres hand cream, or start your day mentally outdoors with a blast of our best-selling shower gel.

Kip members get 20% off 100 Acres products using the code KIP20. All 100 Acres products are made in small batches in the British countryside, using only the very finest 100% natural, no-nasties botanical ingredients.