Get a Better Night’s Kip: Tips from Anatomē founder Brendan Murdock

There is more science than ever before to prove that sleep is essential to good physical and mental health, and that no matter what we face during the day, it is vital to switch off at night to repair and recharge helping your body and mind function effectively. A good night of sleep restores the body’s hormone levels, specifically cortisol (commonly called the stress hormone), which communicates with the part of the brain that controls mood, motivation and fear. If you’ve experienced a difficult, busy, or emotional, day, the cortisol response can be extreme and over time, overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones leads you to sleepless nights and a rise in anxiety and stress – which negatively affects your ability to switch off. It’s a frustrating cycle.

I’d suffered from insomnia for years and following numerous failed remedies, I discovered aromachology which harnesses the power of scent found in certain botanicals to influence and affect our emotions and behaviour. Inspired by the possibility that certain smells could help me sleep, I developed a collection of Essential Oils containing Blue Roman Chamomile, Somali Frankincense, Japanese Seaweed and Himalayan Lavender to specifically target common frustrations whether that’s needing to calm an anxious or overactive mind, sleep disturbing night sweats or feeling constantly tired because of light or broken sleep. Now, I no longer dread going to bed and have worked the oils and some other Anatomē sleep-focused products into my evening routine, making them an essential part of my every day wellbeing. I’m proof that simple changes make a big difference.

If you think you’ve tried everything, or are experiencing bad sleep patterns for the first time, try my nightly wind-down routine. It’s a few simple self-care steps that I follow each evening to help send me to sleep…

Step 1

It’s proven that a cooler room promotes a better night of sleep, so set your bedroom temperature between 15-20C. Turn your heating off a little earlier, avoid a very hot bath, and stop taking a hot water bottle to bed – I know it’s tempting, but trust me!

Step 2

Be sure to avoid screens for at least an hour before bed. The circadian rhythm is our 24-hour body clock, which tells your body when to perform functions such as eating or sleeping. It’s easily affected by lights and temperature, so the body can think it’s daytime when you’ve got devices shining in your face. Blue spectrum lights are emitted from electronic devices, which can be particularly dangerous because they suppress melatonin (the sleep hormone) release from your brain. The night-shift light, while better than nothing, doesn’t stop this from happening. So, put your devices away and get yourself ready for bed.

Step 3

A cup of herbal tea before bed helps induce sleep and our Rest, Relax + Sleep Loose Tea Blend is a calming, light bodied, slightly sweet infusion of Egyptian Camomile, Lemon Balm and Passion Flower combined to relieve physical tiredness and promote restorative sleep. Enjoy the ritual of brewing the team using your favourite mug – every little moment counts. While sipping, read a book to distract your mind from any anxious thoughts.

Step 4

Once you’re in bed, apply a few drops of our Recovery + Sleep Essential Oil. Warm the oil by applying to both wrists and rubbing gently together, then inhale the scent by breathing in for five seconds and out for five seconds. This super-powered blend is formulated with 22 essential oils including Roman and German Chamomile, both scientifically proven to help you achieve an uninterrupted night of sleep. To enhance the experience, massage a few drops of oil into your shoulders and the soles of your feet as these areas are rich in nerves that will relax the entire body, creating the perfect condition for a good night of restorative sleep

Step 5

Finally, ensure that your bedroom is dark. Shutting out bright street lamps helps to regulate your circadian rhythm, while allowing a small crack in the curtains helps the morning light gently wake you. Before turning off the light, lightly mist our Recovery + Sleep Pillow Spray onto your pillow or pyjamas and gently drift off as the soothing scent of lavender surrounds you.

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