September self care tips with Sarah Bradden

We caught up with Sarah Bradden, founder of The Bradden Method and Bradden Method Boost to learn more about how to put a little more self-care into September…

“Lately, I’m really aware that post-Covid we’ve hit the ground running, and there’s a huge expectation to pick up the pace again. Most of us are run-down, tired, stressed out, and really starting to feel the effects both physically and mentally. September is always a good time to reset and build ourselves back up ready to face the rest of year feeling lighter and looking brighter. So, whether you’re staying home or on holiday, here’s some of my favourite acupressure points and general wellbeing tips to help you feel calmer, and less overwhelmed with whatever life throws at you.”

Acupressure points:

If you’re going away for the first time in a while, and taking time out from work or home commitments is making you feel anxious, use the Shen Men point to ease panic whenever you start to feel stressed. Take your index finger and place it just under your wrist bone, then simply press and release throughout the day especially when you feel uncomfortable before, during or after you feel uneasy.

One of my favourite points to help calm and clear the mind is the Yin Tang. You can do this anywhere but ideally try to find somewhere quiet to sit, away from screens, your phone and interruptions. Firstly, take your index finger and place in-between your eyebrows. Next, relax the face, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths while you apply light pressure in a circular, rotating motion. Do this on repeat for a few seconds throughout the day or whenever you need a mindfulness boost.

Self-Care Tips:

Make time in your day to check in on yourself, even if that means setting a reminder.

Ask yourself, am I breathing properly? Am I tensing my body, I clenching my jaw? This will help you to pause, relax and reset while encouraging blood to move more freely around your system instead of living in that constant short breath state which suffocates the part of the brain which makes us feel anxious and less stable. Try to check-in a few times a day and quickly you’ll start to recognise that by just by breathing properly and relaxing your body you’ll find life easier it easier to manage and spin all of your different plates.

Watch your thoughts especially if you’re prone to overthinking, and those thoughts quickly spiral out of control. Our body listens to everything we think and can’t recognise good from bad so whether you’re running away from a dangerous situation or worried about paying your tax bill, your body can’t differentiate the level of the severity and immediately goes into a high fight or flight stress response. To stop this, pause before you respond to a thought or situation which helps to rationalise your response. If there is one top tip I’ve learnt in life (even thought I still struggle with it) it’s to pause before reacting. Because we feel stressed, things seem heightened and we say or do things we don’t mean, which causes more anxiety. Learn how to consciously manage your reaction and the outcome.

Drink more water. Yes, I know you’ve heard that countless times before but it’s vital to good mental health and helping your body to function properly. Most of us walk around dehydrated and this has a massive impact on our brain function meaning we over think, we don’t breathe properly, we get easily stressed and can’t cope with anything. It’s such a small change but such an easy one to make so go pour a glass right now! Move your body.

Move your body. Whatever you do whether it’s daily stretches, touching your toes, walking, lunges or dancing around your kitchen make movement a daily priority. So get dry body brushing in the morning, walking instead of sitting while you make a call, or running around the garden with the kids before dinner – just move replace the negative stagnation that builds up with a rush of oxygen moving around your body, and a smile on your face.

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